Frequently Asked Questions

1. What semi-trailer sizes are available?

Storage Trailer Size Approx Cubic Feet DOT Certified?
45’L x 96″W x 96″H 2700 Yes
45’L x 102″W x 96″H 3100 Yes
48’L x 102″W x 96″H 3460 Yes
53’L x 102″W x 96″H 3700 Yes

2. Can palette jacks or forklifts be driven onto Brockman semi-trailers?

Yes, all of our semi-trailers are designed to accommodate palette jacks and forklifts for ease of loading and unloading.

3. Can Brockman move our semi-trailer to our site or another location?

Yes, in certain circumstances we are happy to provide assistance not only with transportation but other logistics as well. Please note that our service area is primarily Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. However, we recognize that there isn’t one solution for every need so we will work with you if you have special requirements. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

4. Can Brockman semi-trailers be used for storage purposes?

Yes! Our semi-trailers can be stored on your site or ours and they provide additional storage for many uses. However, please see a few limitations in the next question.

5. Are there uses for which Brockman semi-trailers are not appropriate?

Yes, our semi-trailers are not suitable for household moving because they do not include a ramp; they are designed for use with a dock. Perishables and hazardous materials must not be stored in our trailers.